Could CBD be the Solution to Inflammation?

Chronic Pain


Since the recent surge in popularity of CBD being used by a growing number of people to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, if you look at some of the benefits CBD can have it all sounds a bit far-fetched.

The list of conditions that along with a healthy lifestyle CBD used as a food supplement can be used for include Alzheimer’s, IBS, Arthritis, Diabetes, Chronic pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, this is naming just a few.

However modern science reports ( that there seems to be an underlying cause involved with a wide range of conditions that affect us and this cause is inflammation. CBD is perhaps the most non-medicinal anti-inflammatory available to us. Specifically as shown in research by EMBO Reports which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, it shows that we can turn to CBD for help with inflammation.

Sounds good doesn’t it? But how does it work? Let’s go back to the start.


Inflammation believe it or not is a completely normal and necessary cellular process. It’s how the body defends itself against infections and parasites. Through inflammation our body’s white blood cells effectively quarantine the infected area and flood it with toxic chemicals that take care of the infection. It’s pretty amazing when you think about what our body is able to do and under normal circumstances inflammation is a helpful and necessary thing.

However, in certain cases when inflammation is stimulated all the time and it becomes chronic it goes from a helpful friend to a powerful nemesis that can reduce the strongest of us to tears.

The toxic chemicals that were helping us before begin to negatively impact your own cells and tissues, and dependant on where in your body this happens different problems can begin to appear.  If it happens in your joints it can present itself as Arthritis. If it’s within your cardiovascular system then it can manifest as heart disease. If inflammation presents itself in your brain then it can lead to one of many forms of neurodegenerative disease. It’s no surprise that a quick search on Google will show many top experts now believe that inflammation may actually be the main cause of a hundred plus diseases that are negatively impacting our daily lives.

So why does inflammation go from being a helpful necessity to becoming chronic and hurting us? Well it all comes down to one thing it seems, modern life.


With today’s lifestyle we are constantly put in harm’s way with products and situations that stimulate inflammation. Sugar and processed carbohydrates is just a couple of things we are surrounded by in modern life that stimulate inflammation.    

Stress causes inflammation and ironically what do so many of us do when we feel stressed and under pressure? We eat chocolate or sugar filled foods with artificial preservatives that add to the epidemic of inflammation.

Fortunately there is a clean and natural food supplement available to us in the form of CBD that is here to help.


The potential for CBD to help your body to combat chronic inflammation is truly a welcome godsend. It’s important to know that CBD is not a medicinal product, no claims are being made but we at ideal CBD believe that these products should NOT be used as a replacement for traditional medicines but we believe there is a big part for CBD to play in our lives and used as part of a healthy lifestyle the possibilities are endless.

It may not be a miracle cure, but again a quick search of Google will show countless people that have found relief from CBD products, the sheer number of people is miracle enough.

From all of us at ideal CBD good luck on your journey and smile, for Mind, Body and Soul.