Luke Nash British powerlifter - sponsored by Ideal CBD

Luke Nash British Powerlifter


Luke has been powerlifting for 6 years in which he has had to come through potentially career threatening injuries.

5 years ago he underwent 2 knee surgeries, he was advised not to pursue his power lifting carrier.

Luke was defiant, slowly regained his strength and put himself in a position to compete at the European powerlifting championships for Britain in Finland in Helsinki which took place 3rd-7th July 2017.

Whilst competing Luke tore his hamstring and glute in the squat, but due to his impressive first two weights and the prospect of a medal he carried on with his deadlift. Luke’s determination to carry on wasn’t in vain, he placed 3rd , and brought home a Bronze in his weight category 82.5KG, securing personal bests in each discipline.

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Squat – 202.5KG
Bench – 145KG
Deadlift – 255KG

Last Competition

Luke’s last competition was on the 26th of August, a British Powerlifting Union competition or BPU. He entered late as he was still struggling with injury, although not fully fit he still managed to win the under 90kg weight category.

Luke told us that CBD supplied from Ideal CBD definitely helped with his preparation and recovery.

Subsequently Luke has now implemented it into his training programs.

Training Schedule

Training is crucial for any athlete. Powerlifting has its own unique and rigorous regime to manage.

Here is a little insight in to the dedication it takes.

Eating-over 3000 calories a day.
Water intake of 4 litres.
Training – 6 days a week for 2 hours consisting of 4 days power lifting, 2 days cardio and mobility and 1 physiotherapy session and Saturday’s off.

This helps Luke maintain a 93-96kg weight to compete in the under 90kg weight.

Deadlift Powerlifters

Ideal CBD

Luke use’s CBD every day, he told us, “not only does it help me with recovery it also helps me with sleep, both of these are a major parts of my training”.

What's Next

Luke’s next competition is on the 27th January 2019, The Alan Collins Cup, a qualifier to the British Powerlifting Championships which take place on May 10th 2019 and also the European Powerlifting Championships on 14th June in Ireland.

Luke’s current personal bests in each discipline are:

Squat- 217.5kg
Bench – 160kg
Deadlift – 260kg (262.5kg Deadlift only)

Luke is hoping to be in a good position with his training to break all his personal bests and put himself in the British and European competitions!

We wish Luke the best of luck in his upcoming competition and we will be there to follow him on his journey.

The Problem Wins

Michael ‘The Problem’ Mckinson Victorious


Ideal CBD’s sponsored athlete, Michael ‘the problem’ Mckinson travelled to the home of British boxing York Hall in Bethnal Green London to face Sammy McNess to defend The World Boxing Council International Silver Welterweight Title that he won off Colin Lynes

Michael Mckinson was going in to the fight 14-0 and therefore was looking to keep his undefeated record against his toughest fight to date in Sammy McNess, who also has a good 10-1 record with his only loss coming to Asinia Byfield who incidentally fought for the British super welterweight title against Ted Cheeseman at the weekend.

This was Michael’s first televised fight which was being aired on Box Nation, the atmosphere was electric.

Sammy McNess had the home crowd on his side being a local London born fighter. Michael had a coach load of fans making the trip up from his home town in Portsmouth to support him.


It was an entrance to remember, with Sammy McNess already making his entrance to the ring, we eagerly awaited Michael Mckinson to arrive.

We saw the camera lights shining and the belts held high in the corner of York Hall when Kidkrayy (a local rapper) led Michael out with a brilliant performance of a his song ‘Listen’ making the atmosphere rise even more.


With the stare down complete it was time to fight. Both fighters were feeling confident before the bout. From the opening bell Michael stamped his authority on the fight.

Michael fought off the back foot whenever McNess looked to get in close, he would then tag McNess and move off. 

Mckinson, a skilled south paw, made McNess miss wildly with his almost “Naseem Hamed” like style. Dropping his hands now and again and his allusive movements giving McNess difficulties finding the target, Mckinson is definitely entertaining. 

They went into round 7 with McNess maybe winning one of the rounds, he had a mountain to climb. Just before the round ended with 22 seconds to go McNess hit the deck after a lovely straight left hand down the middle from Mckinson followed by a right hand and a left hook. McNess only just survived the round but it meant that he needed a stoppage to win the bout.

Never looking in danger, Mckinson carried on showing his class until the final bell, he didn’t let McNess have any success.


With the fight going to the final bell, the decision was in the hands of the judges.

We eagerly waited for the judges to hand in the score cards. The master of ceremonies was finally ready to deliver the verdict.

  • 1st Judge scored the bout 98-92
  • 2nd Judge scored the bout 99-91
  • 3rd Judge scored the bout 99-90

All the scores were in favour and Michael ‘the problem’ Mckinson increased his record to 15-0 with a shutout win against a tough Sammy McNess.


The future now looks even more promising for Michael ‘the problem’ Mckinson who is now ranked 7th in the welterweight division and hoping to have a busy 2019 with more televised fights and bigger names to conquer.